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Welcome to our hotelWenzhou Bingcheng Self-sealing Bag Machinery Co., Ltd.


hotline:0577-63099915 phone:15068436659

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Company introduction

Wenzhou Bingcheng Self-sealing Bag Machinery Co., Ltd.

Ruian Bingcheng Natural Bags Machinery Equipment Co.Ltd. is located in the rich shore of the East China Sea, Rui'an, which has a beautiful scenery and convenient communication. It is an enterprise that professionally researches and produces plastic packing machinery named "Bingcheng".

Our enterprise has rich technical strength, reliable product quality, designing, manufacturing, research and development of new products, integrates trading and service. It produces pneumatic automatic sealing film blowing machine sets,full automatic computer heat cutting bag making machines, dense film blowing machines, compound bag clip-chain welding machine, inside clip-chain extruder, sausage bagging unit, redlines machine, mold and renewable molds. Our factory has a perfect product quality, a high degree of mechanization, technology precision, and is trusted by customers. Our products, which are among the best similar ones, are popular with foreign customers, sold in major cities nationwide, and exported to many countries in Southeast Asia, Africa, South America and other regions.

Our enterprise aims at building quality brands to market honestly. We keep up the management concept of "taking high technology as precursor, taking innovation to develop". Honesty pursuit of excellence, and first-rate production are the goals of our enterprise. Warmth and a perfect after-sales service provide you reliable support, and create a permanent enterprise credibility. While adopting more science and technology, we research and develop new products, introduce ISO900 quality assurance system model, scientific management and standardized operation. Outstanding quality is our enterprise's eternal pursuit.

Along with the deepening of economic restructuring, facing the era of digital information, all the staff of our enterprise will continuously improve the ability of connecting with the international development while improving our technique. We will greet the opportunity and challenge the Internet ages bring us in a state of being young and full of energies. We take the spirit of "unity, struggle, realism, innovation". We will produce top-grade products. We will await respectfully people of different walks of life by offering a perfect after service.

The people of Bingcheng Company promise that we will constantly improve our products and pursue outstanding quality.

Top after-sales service is our pledge.

We, together with all world friends, "work shoulder to shoulder, cooperate sincerely, exchange business opportunities and create glories".

The bagging machines from our plant are qualified standard products under the issuance and detection of Zhejiang Machinery Products Quality Inspection Center and Zhejiang Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. Report Number: 2006WTC013001

Our products support non-standard customization. If you have any questions, please contact us. VIEW MORE

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