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      Welcome to our hotelWenzhou Bingcheng Self-sealing Bag Machinery Co., Ltd.


      hotline:0577-63099915 phone:15068436659

      Product Center We are dedicated to production, research and development of "Bingcheng Brand" self-sealing plastic machinery company

      what we who?

      Wenzhou Bingcheng Self-sealing Bag Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Pingyang Binhai New Area of Wenzhou, known as the coast of the East China Sea, with developed economy and convenient transportation. It is a company specializing in producing and developing "Bingcheng Brand" self-sealing bag plastic machinery. The company has strong technical force, reliable product quality, self-shaped design, manufacturing, research e...


      Sample bag display Good product quality, high degree of mechanization, conscientious craftsmanship and trustworthiness are your assured choices.

      Qualification He has successively obtained a number of certificates of patent certification for utility models from the Patent Office of Mechanical Products.

      Focus on Quality and Trustworthiness

      News information Learn more about Bingcheng Self-sealing Bag Machinery

      Our products support non-standard customization. If you have any questions, please contact us. VIEW MORE

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